1923-1925 Roadster Misc.Wood

 Cubel * POBox 1401 / Huntington, Utah 84528
Name of Part and Location


n026/Deck Boards/Rear 211.00
F026/Deck Boards/Rear 234.00
n169/Door Wood/Pass 130.00
F169/Door Wood/Pass 153.00
n173/Door Wood [Conversion]/Driv. Front 130.00
F173/Door Wood [Conversion]/Driv. Front 153.00
n174/Conversion Kit/Driv. Front 130.00
F174/Conversion Kit/Driv. Front 153.00
n317/Tack Strip with Rail Trims 112.00
F317/Tack Strip with Rail Trims 122.00
n318/Belt Rail/Rear 116.00
F318/Belt Rail/Rear 130.00
Fasteners are nuts, bolts, screws, nails to install wood into car. "F" stands for  sold with fasteners. "n" stands for no fasteners.  Fasteners are.not sold separately from wood kit. We've been using synthetic tack strips since 1994. Product is a moldable, space-age material, superior to wood, used by.furniture industry for it's strength and durability. Order by item number
216/Top Bow Set of 3 with corners 210.00
216-1/Top Bow #1/Front 78.00
216-1/Top Bow #2/Middle 78.00
216-1/Top Bow #3/Rear 78.00

Also available is the Body Wood Kit

Conversion Door & Kit are for the non-USA made Model T cars