Our family has been making Wood for Fords for over 50 years. We have a 30 Day money back guarantee on new, un-used, clean wood. Do not alter, paint, or preserve wood until you're sure the wood fits. We guarantee that our wood will fit original, USA made Fords.
We are E-Mail, Fax, Mail, and Phone order only. We do not have a retail shop or store. Our E-mail address is: cubel_fordwood@yahoo.com  Our numbers are: Phone (435) 749-0037, Fax (435) 687-9239. We usually cannot hear our phone because we are in the shop working, but please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible, usually within 72 hours. Please, no weekend or holiday calls.  (Please send e-mail if possible.)
Click the Links under the illustrations on each page for Prices. The Top one is for Top Wood, the Second one is for the Body Wood, and if there is a Third one it is for the Miscellaneous wood pieces.
Our Ash wood parts are patterned from originals, sanded & most holes are drilled. Everything we make is online, in our 200+ page Catalog. If the part you want isn't listed, then we don't make it.

Our price lists and drawings are Color Matched:  
Red is Top Wood *
Blue is Body Wood * Green is Miscellaneous Wood Items

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks from production start date to ship date for most Model T's and 4 to 6 weeks for most Model A's, "V-8's" are considered custom and will take longer. If you order only one item of wood, it is considered "custom" and production wait time may be longer. Most "IN STOCK" items ship in about a week. We try to keep the website as up to date as possible, however "IN STOCK" status can change without notice.  
 No COD's to anyone.  All in state Utah customers pay 5.95% sales tax.

Please understand, your Credit Card is charged when we Start Production, not when Wood is Shipped. If you decide to cancel your order please Contact us  ASAP!!  Once UPS has the package it is very hard to stop it! If the Credit Card you are using is a Debit Card - tell us when you place your order if we need to contact you before making the charge. Please make checks payable to "Fordwood" or "Henry or Anna Cubel".

No additional charge for the shipping of FULL Top or Body Wood Kits in the Continental USA, UPS Ground. For Individual and Miscellaneous Items, you pay 10% of the Item's Cost for Shipping, regardless of full kit purchase. (minimum $15 shipping charge for individual and miscellaneous items)

Canada Orders: we would prefer to ship to a USA address for you to pickup or you pay full shipping costs and we ship to your door. You will still have to pay your country fees and custom declarations. We may be able to ship via the USPS depending on the package dimensions. We are happy to do a price comparison.

 We will ship out of the USA (to most countries), but all shipping charges will be billed to the customer. We may be able to use the USPS for shipping depending on the packages dimensions. We are happy to do a price comparison. Due to customs restrictions we cannot ship to Mexico.
We've been using synthetic tack strips since 1994. Product is a moldable, space-age material, superior to wood, used for it's strength and durability.  

Tudors have a rear seat, Roadsters & Coupes do not. Roadsters have fabric fold down tops, Tudors & Coupes do not. Wood for the Deluxe & Standard Models are the same. Does your car have Four doors? Fordor Sedans have roll up windows. Phaetons are modern Tourings. All Tourings have fold down tops. In foreign made Model T's: the Touring had 4 doors and the Roadster had 2 doors. If you have a foreign made Model T, you will need to order a Conversion  Kit & extra Door for the non-USA Model T's. 

Engines can be changed from one car to another, and do not always match the vehicle. Please read all of the info on our site, for your car. If you have questions, call us at (435) 749-0037 or E-mail us at cubel_fordwood@yahoo.com.