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Model A Ford Information

In December of 1927, the new & improved Fords were rolling off the line. Similar styling to the Model T's, but the new Model A's were very different. There is a slot in the floor, for the emergency brake, located on the driver's side sill near where your left foot rests. It may be covered with an oblong plate. This is an "AR" body style. 1928 and 1929 models were identical, but were more standardized. Please let us know if you have an "AR" when you order, because the wood is different.

Most Model A cars had a "soft top" or "cloth top". Some had canvas, some had a rubber type vinyl on the top, and some had the top material covering the entire roof area, but other Model A's just covered the top bow area.

The Ford factory sometimes interchanged the header and matching sheet metal of the 1930 Tudor Sedan and the 1930 Closed Cab Pickup. We find this in 1% of headers we replace. The Tudor is 4 inches, and the Closed Cab Pickup is 3&3/4". Please measure before ordering. 

Wood for the Deluxe and Standard cars are the same. These terms are used for trim on the interior and exterior. We have seen "original" wood, where the Ford wood workers had carved away on the wood pieces until a piece would fit a particular car, but not another car within the same body or the same year. Parts were still being installed by a person and in some states dealers were still Titling cars on the date it sold, not the year it was made!

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