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The Ford V8

Prior to the announcement of the V8, Ford's line consisted of what was  known as the Model B.  It looked like a Model A, but it had an improved 4-cylinder engine.  1933 was the first full year of V8 production and because of the success of the V8, the Model B was dropped. 

Brewster Manufacturing Company of Springfield, Mass. was a company that produced custom cars between 1934-1936.  These cars were recognizable by their heart shaped grills and flared fenders.  The French Mathis Co., produced a car that was a cousin of the USA made under the name of Matford. 

In 1934, Ford offered the Deluxe Roadster and the Deluxe Two Door Phaeton. New styling in 1935, produced the first complete trunk offered on the Tudor and the Fordor.

May 1936, steel wheels were “in” and “wire wheels” were out;  the horns were moved into the fenders.  In 1937, the headlights were moved into the fenders and the V8 Deluxe car buyers could choose between two engines: the 85 HP and a 60 HP.  A smaller, 80HP engine was offered on the Standard cars.

Styling remained the same during 1941 and 1942, as Ford and the other auto makers were starting to produce cars and trucks for W.W.II. In 1946, after the war, the American public began buying cars again, the styles remained unchanged until 1949. 


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