1913 Touring Misc.Wood

Limited Availability / Custom Order

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Item Number /   Location of Part   


018/Door Wood/Driv.Front 176.00
019/Door Wood/Pass.Front 176.00
022/Tackstrip/Inside Front 101.00
023/Tackstrip/Inside Rear 101.00
024/Tackstrip/Outside Front 101.00
025/Tackstrip/Outside Rear 101.00
055/Door Wood/Driv.Rear 190.00
056/Door Wood/Pass.Rear 190.00
174/Conversion Door Kit/Driv.Front 190.00
Items are SOLD as priced. ORDER BY ITEM NUMBER. We've been using a synthetic tack strip since 1994. Product is a moldable, space-age material, superior to wood, used by the furniture industry for it's strength/durability.