1928-1929 Special Coupe Body Wood

   Cubel * POBox 1401 * Huntington, Utah 84528


Item Number / Location of Part   


1107/Door Post Upper/Driv 22.00
1108/Door Post Upper/Pass 22.00
1109/Door Post Lower/Driv 49.00
1110/Door Post Lower/Pass 49.00
1115/Door Post Connector/Driv 15.00
1116/Door Post Connector/Pass 15.00
1138/Corner Rail/Pass 50.00
1139/Corner Rail/Driv 50.00
1141/Qtr. Window Assembly/Pass 127.00
1142/Qtr. Window Assembly/Driv 127.00
1151/Rear Window Assembly/Rear 174.00
1152/Belt Rail Assembly/Rear 200.00
1155/Qtr. Panel Support/Driv 42.00
1156/Qtr. Panel Support/Pass 42.00
1157/Package Tray Support/Rear 69.00
n1150/BODY WOOD KIT without fasteners $859.00
F1150/BODY WOOD KIT with fasteners $931.00
1120-B/Body to Frame Block Set 90.00
Items SOLD as priced.  ORDER BY ITEM NUMBER. FASTENERS: nuts, bolts, screws, washers, nails to fasten wood into car. Fasteners NOT sold separately.  
Wood kits sold with [F] or without [n] FASTENERS.  Need a Top Wood Kit?