1914 Roadster Body Wood

 Cubel * POBox 1401 * Huntington, Utah 84528 *


Item Number /   Location of Part    Price
101/Body Sill/Driv  
102/Body Sill/Pass  
103/End Sill/Rear  
104/Cowl Rail/Pass  
105/Cowl Rail/Driv  
107/Top Rail/Driv  
108/Top Rail/Pass  
110/Pillar #1/Pass  
111/Pillar #1/Driv  
112/Pillar #2/Pass  
113/Pillar #2/Driv  
114/Pillar #3/Pass  
115/Pillar #3/Driv  
116/Seat Frame/Assembly  
117/Panel Brace  
118/Seat Back Seat/Assembly  
120/Floor Riser/Pass  
121/Floor Riser/Driv  
BODY WOOD is sold as a UNIT only with [F] fasteners or without [n]
n100/STRUCTURE WOOD KIT ~ Without Fasteners


n119/Door Wood/Pass ~ Without Fastners 155.00
F119/Door Wood/Pass ~ With Fastners 167.00
023/Tack Strip Inside/Rear 101.00
025/Tack Strip Outside/Rear 101.00
n026/Deck Boards/Rear ~ Without Fastners 255.00
F026/Deck Boards/Rear ~ With Fastners 283.00
n173/Door Wood [Conversion]/Driv. Front  [non-USA Car] ~ Without Fastners 155.00
F173/Door Wood [Conversion]/Driv. Front ~ With Fastners 167.00
n174/Conversion Kit/Driv. Front [non-USA Car] ~Without Fastners 155.00
F174/Conversion Kit/Driv. Front [non-USA Car] ~ With Fastners 167.00
STRUCTURE WOOD KIT is SOLD AS AS UNIT. EVERYTHING in BLUE. Instructions included. Items SOLD as priced, no exceptions. Since 1994 we've used synthetic tack strips: a moldable, space-age material.  BACK ~ HOME