1928-1929 Roadster Pickup Wood

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Item Number / Location of Part   


1026/Belt Rail Assembly/Rear 165.00
1027/Seat Back Assembly/Rear 84.00
1028/Panel Support/Pass 30.00
1029/Panel Support/Driv 30.00
1030/Door Post/Pass 62.00
1031/Door Post/Driv 62.00
1032/Seat Board/Bottom 69.00
n1025/BODY WOOD KIT without fasteners - IN STOCK -BUY IT NOW $256.00
F1025/BODY WOOD KIT with fasteners - IN STOCK -BUY IT NOW $283.00
Order by item number. Items sold as priced. FASTENERS  are: bolts, screws, nuts, washers, nails needed to fasten wood into car.  FASTENERS ARE NOT SOLD SEPARATELY OR WITH INDIVIDUAL WOOD ITEMS. Order in stock wood kits now, via our secure Shopify store HERE