1929-30 Briggs 170/165 Top Wood 

    Cubel * POBox 1401 * Huntington, Utah 84528
Item Number / Location of Part    Price
1391/Header/1929 cars/Front 275.00
1351/Header/1930 cars/Front 275.00
1352/Side Rail/Pass 306.00
1353/Side Rail/Driv 306.00
1354/Rib Rail/Pass 221.00
1355/Rib Rail/Driv 221.00
1356/Rib Rail Support/Pass 39.00
1357/Rib Rail Support/Driv 39.00
1358/Roof Rib/#1 42.00
1359/Roof Rib/#2 42.00
1360/Roof Rib/#3 42.00
1361/Roof Rib/#4 42.00
1362/Roof Rib/#5 42.00
1363/Roof Rib/#6 42.00
1364/Rear Cross Member/Rear 275.00
1365/Light Board/Standard/Rear 42.00
n1350/TOP WOOD KIT without fasteners $1743.00
TOP WOOD KIT is EVERYTHING in RED. Items SOLD as priced. ORDER BY ITEM NUMBER. DO NOT DEDUCT UNWANTED ITEMS FROM FULL KIT PRICE. FASTENERS NOT SOLD SEPARATELY: nuts, bolts, screws, washers, nails to attach wood into car. Need Body Wood? OR Miscellaneous Wood?