1928-29 Briggs 60C Fordor Body Wood
  Cubel * POBox 1401 * Huntington, Utah 84528
  Item Number / Location of Part    Price
  1264/Door Post Center/Pass 383.00
  1265/Door Post Center/Driv 383.00
  1811/Roof Rail/Rear 284.00
  1266/Door Post Rear/Pass 440.00
  1267/Door Post Rear/Driv 440.00
  1814/Window Assembly/Rear 259.00
  1273/Seat Back Brace/Rear 101.00
Chassis Wood 1816/Body Sill/Pass 456.00
Chassis Wood 1817/Body Sill/Driv 456.00
  1818/Belt Rail/Rear 281.00
Chassis Wood 1819/Cross Sill/#1 121.00
Chassis Wood 1820/Cross Sill/#2 121.00
Chassis Wood 1821/End Sill/Rear 142.00
  1822/Seat Riser/Rear 101.00
  1823/Qtr. Pillar/Pass 106.00
  1824/Qtr. Pillar/Driv 106.00
  1812/Qtr. Panel Brace/Pass 63.00
  1813/Qtr. Panel Brace/Driv 63.00
  1875/BODY WOOD KIT $3819.00
  1292/Door Wood Front/Pass 452.00
  1293/Door Wood Front/Driv 452.00
  1294/Door Wood Rear/Pass 487.00
  1295/Door Wood Rear/Driv 487.00
  1873/Fender Well Brace Tack Strip/Pair 54.00
BODY WOOD KIT is EVERYTHING in BLUE and Includes the Chassis Wood (sub-rails and cross sills) in the Body Kit. ORDER BY ITEM NUMBER, Individual items sold as priced. Top Wood?