1933-34 Three Window Coupe Wood
Cubel * POBox 1401 * Huntington, Utah 84528
Item Number / Location of Part    Price
2371/Roof Rib/#1
2372/Roof Rib/#2
2373/Light Board
2375/TOP WOOD KIT all the RED $102.00
Item Number / Location of Part    Price
2376/Rear Window Assembly/1933 216.00
2377/Rear Window Assembly/1934 216.00
2378/Side Rail/Pass 198.00
2379/Side Rail/Driv 198.00
2380/Windshield Strips Set/2 42.00
2381/Package Tray/Rear 111.00
2382/Door Pillar/Pass 334.00
2383/Door Pillar/Driv 334.00
2357/Windshield Header/Front 60.00
2385/BODY WOOD KIT all the Blue        $1440.00
Order by item number. Items sold as priced. All available wood is listed.