1930-1931 Closed Cab Pickup Wood                                           a.k.a. Commercial Cab

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Item Number / Location of Part   


1132/Roof Rib/#1 23.00
1132/Roof Rib/#2 23.00
1132/Roof Rib/#3 23.00
1576/Header/Front 108.00
1577/Side Rail/Driv 95.00
1578/Side Rail/Pass 95.00
1579/Rib Rail/Driv 32.00
1580/Rib Rail/Pass 32.00
1581/Rear Cross Member/Rear 83.00
n1575/TOP WOOD KIT without fasteners $376.00


1586/Door Post Connector/Pass 15.00
1587/Door Post Connector/Driv 15.00
1582/Door Post Lower/Pass 29.00
1583/Door Post Lower/Driv 29.00
1584/Belt Rail/Rear 55.00
1585/Seat Back Assembly/Rear 55.00
1589/Seat Board/Under Seat Cushion 20.00
1591/Door Post Upper/Driv 19.00
1592/Door Post Upper/Pass 19.00
n1590/BODY WOOD KIT without fasteners - IN STOCK - BUY IT NOW $200.00
F1590/BODY WOOD KIT with fasteners - IN STOCK - BUY IT NOW $217.00
1525/Body to Frame Block Set 55.00
1599/Ash Bed Board Set/Bottom of Bed 320.00
Order by item number. Items sold as priced. FASTENERS: bolts, screws, washers, nuts, nails needed to fasten wood into car.  FASTENERS ARE NOT SOLD SEPARATELY OR WITH INDIVIDUAL WOOD ITEMS. Order our "in stock" wood kits now, via our secure Shopify store HERE