1928-1929 Closed Cab Pickup Wood                                         a.k.a. Commercial Cab

           Cubel * POBox 1401 * Huntington, Utah 84528 


Item Number / Location of Part   


1176/Header/Front 100.00
1177/Side Rail/Driv 129.00
1178/Side Rail/Pass 129.00
1179/Roof Rib/#1 24.00
1179/Roof Rib/#2 24.00
1179/Roof Rib/#3 24.00
1179/Roof Rib/#4 24.00
1183/Rear Cross Member/Rear 90.00
n1175/TOP WOOD KIT without fasteners  $453.00
F1175/TOP WOOD KIT WITH FASTENERS                      $464.00



Item Number / Location of Part

1184/Door Post/Pass 166.00
1185/Door Post/Driv 166.00
1186/Seat Back Assembly/Illustration 63.00
1187/Qtr. Tackstrip/Driv 15.00
1188/Qtr. Tackstrip/Pass 15.00
1189/Seat Board/Illustration 19.00
n1190/BODY WOOD KIT without fasteners - IN STOCK $241.00
F1190/BODY WOOD KIT with fasteners - IN STOCK $279.00
Item Number / Location of Part Price
1125/Body to Frame Block Set 49.00
Order by item number. Items sold as priced. FASTENERS  are: bolts, screws, nuts, washers, nails needed to fasten wood into car.  FASTENERS are NOT sold  separately OR with individual wood items. Order our "in stock" wood kits now, via our secure Shopify store HERE