1928-1929 Sport Coupe Wood

   Cubel * POBox 1401 * Huntington, Utah 84528


Item Number / Location of Part   


1101/Header/Front 126.00
1102/Side Rail/Passenger 79.00
1103/Side Rail/Driver 79.00
1104/Main Bow/Top 166.00
1105/Rear Bow/Rear   <----click to see bow 334.00
n1100/TOP WOOD KIT without fasteners $558.00


1106/Belt Rail/Rear 224.00
1107/Door Post Upper/Driver 24.00
1108/Door Post Upper/Passenger 24.00
1109/Door Post Lower/Driver 50.00
1110/Door Post Lower/Passenger 50.00
1111/Post Tackstrip/Driver 30.00
1112/Post Tackstrip/Passenger 30.00
1115/Door Post Connector/Driver 16.00
1116/Door Post Connector/Passenger 16.00
1157/Package Tray Support/Rear 75.00
n1120/BODY WOOD KIT without fasteners - IN STOCK - BUY IT NOW 464.00
F1120/BODY WOOD KIT with fasteners - IN STOCK - BUY IT NOW 527.00
1120-B/Body to Frame Block Set 94.00
1568/Rumble Seat Panel Brace/Passenger 10.00
1567/Rumble Seat Panel Brace/Driver 10.00

TOP WOOD KIT is in RED. BODY WOOD KIT is in BLUE. Items SOLD as priced.  ORDER BY ITEM NUMBER.  FASTENERS: nuts, bolts, screws, nails, washers, need to fasten wood into car. Wood kits are sold with [F] fasteners or without [n] fasteners ONLY. Order our "in stock" wood kits now, via our secure Shopify store HERE