1915-1916 Roadster Misc.Wood
 Cubel * POBox 1401 * Huntington, Utah 84528
Item Number /   Location of Part   


n24/Tack Strip Inside/Rear 101.00
F24/Tack Strip Inside/Rear 113.00
n025/Tack Strip Outside/Rear 101.00
F025/Tack Strip Outside/Rear 113.00
n026/Deck Boards/Rear 255.00
F026/Deck Boards/Rear 283.00
n169/Door Wood/Pass 157.00
F169/Door Wood/Pass 185.00
n173/Door Wood [Conversion]/Driv. Front 157.00
F173/Door Wood [Conversion]/Driv. Front 185.00
n174/Conversion Kit/Driv. Front 157.00
F174/Conversion Kit/Driv. Front 185.00
Items in GREEN are sold separately from kit.  Fasteners are nuts, bolts, screws, nails to install wood into car. "F" stands for: sold with fasteners. The "n" stands for sold without fasteners.  Fasteners are not sold separately. We've been using synthetic tack strips since 1994. Product is a moldable, space-age material, superior to wood, used by furniture industry for it's strength and durability.

Conversion Door & Kit are for the non-USA made Model T cars.

Also available is the Body Wood Kit.