1929-30 Murray 155/165 Body Wood
Cubel * POBox 1401 * Huntington, Utah 84528
Item Number / Location of Part    Price
1318/Window Assembly/Rear 201.00
1319/Belt Rail/Rear 295.00
1320/Qtr. Pillar/Driv 74.00
1321/Qtr. Pillar/Pass 74.00
1322/Seat Back Brace (set of two)/Rear 50.00
1324/Body Sill/Pass 406.00
1325/Body Sill/Driv 406.00
1326/Cross Sill/#1 83.00
1327/Cross Sill/#2 83.00
1329/Cross Sill/#3 [End Sill] 94.00
1330/Seat Riser/Rear 94.00
1331/Door Post Rear/Driv 406.00
1332/Door Post Rear/Pass 406.00
1333/Door Post Center/Pass 354.00
1334/Door Post Center/Driv 354.00
1339/Rear Roof Rail/Rear 276.00
n1340/BODY WOOD KIT without fasteners $2679.00
BODY WOOD KIT is EVERYTHING in BLUE. Items SOLD as priced. ORDER BY ITEM NUMBER. DO NOT DEDUCT ITEMS FROM KIT PRICE. FASTENERS NOT SOLD SEPARATELY. Fasteners are nuts, screws, washers, bolts, nails to fasten wood into car.  Looking for Top Wood OR Miscellaneous Wood?